Sunday, April 22, 2012

Picture frame --> Chalkboard

Ever since I laid eyes on this blog I have ALWAYS wanted to make a chalkboard! I think it would be fun to have countdowns, notes to people, grocery lists, signs, etc. So I checked out Goodwill (more times than I would like to admit) and started my journey :)
What you will need::
Wooden frame
Wood backing
Spray paint (I used a cream color)
Chalkboard paint (I used black, but they now make them in MANY different colors)
Paint brush

I bought this frame at Goodwill but it did not come with a wood backing. The LOVELY gentleman at Home Depot measured out a thin wood board to fit the frame. They even threw away the glass and OOGLY picture (it looked like it was drawn by someone's foot) and put the board in the frame so it wouldnt fall out on the way home. Thanks Home Depot man!
 Cover your area well before painting with the spray paint. PLEASE dont copy me as I am a messy painter and dont care to take the time to cover the area thoroughly :)
 Spray away! Cover the frame completely. I did a couple coats because there were a few chips that needed to be covered.
 Paint the board with primer first. The Home Depot man said that the wood tends to soak up the chalkboard paint, especially because it is so thin. I did one coat of primer,

 Behold...the chalkboard paint! It is really cool that this stuff comes in so many different colors. I went classic black. Its because im classy :)
 You will need to do a few coats of this. Make sure you are painting evenly, as you dont want a bumpy board and you dont want streaks.
 The directions say that you need to let the board alone for 3 days. After that, get chalk and hold it vertically to the board. Wipe it across the board so it makes the chalky streaks. After the board it covered in chalk rubbing, rub the chalk in by making small circular motions with a paper towel, to rub the chalk into the board. Its the "breaking in" process.
Voila! You have a beautiful chalkboard!!! I am SUPER excited to use it :) I also got a plastic bucket of chalk for $1 at Target (YAY dollar section).
Let me know how yours turns out! Have a good week :)

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  1. So cute! I am excited to make one of my own :)