Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nailed it!

It seems as though Shawna and I took turns being sick the past two weeks, and now that we are both feeling better it is time you show you what has been going on in these recent weeks.

In the recent months I have become addicted to I find myself staying up way to late endlessly scrolling through a world of creation and inspiration. One on my favorite things to look at on these boards are nail art, and I have been very inspired to recreate, duplicate and put my own twist on what I see. I have two manicures to post that were inspired by fellow "pinners."

The first was inspired by one of my new favorite blogs After I saw this Valentines mani I wanted to create something similar for myself, but am not a huge fan of pink. I went with black, gold, and purple for my colors; here is how it turned out.
I used the purple glitter as a base coat and let dry. I then used paper reinforcing stickers (those little doughnut looking stickers), and stuck two of them together so they created a "v" in the middle. I positioned the stickers on all fingers of one hand and painted the gold to the tip of the nail. After completing the other hand and letting the polish dry completely I reused the same stickers and applied them towards the top of my nail bed and painted on the black. After it was all dry I applied the top coat.

I loved the way it looked, but for some reason this lasted only a few hours before the black and gold started rubbing off. Since that isn't a cute look, I changed it up a couple of days later to something that I was really happy with.

I have admired the look of gradient nails, and loved the look more when I saw it done with glitter. After doing a little research and checking a few blogs I decided that the easiest way to create this look was with glitter polish. 
 The picture doesn't do this look justice, and it was so easy to create. After applying a base color and letting it dry I started painting on very thin layers of glitter polish starting half way up my nail. After that layer dried I added a second layer to the top third of my nails, and repeated this step of the top fourth. When it dried it created this fun gradient look.

 Hope you enjoy, and give on of these a try!


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  1. OMG! That first pattern is so cool.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.