Sunday, January 29, 2012

Navy Nail Mani

It's time to venture into the realm of beauty with an easy colorful French Manicure inspired by I am obsessed with navy nail polish at the moment and today the mega best friends went on an adventure to Ulta to track down some of the sought after polish.

While there I picked up O.P.I.'s "Road House Blues" and "French Quarter for Your Thoughts." Below is a picture of everything that I used to create this look.

 (Scotch tape, scissors, the two polish colors, base/top coat, and O.P.I DripDry Drops)

 I started with the base coat on all nails. I then painted my two ring fingers with the gray for a base color, and the navy on my other nails for the base color. I applied two coats of each color and let them dry thoroughly (I did my toes while my fingers were drying). 
To create the French tip look I used Scotch tape. I cut a piece into 5 thin strips and repeated. To get a smooth slightly rounded line I first pressed the tape onto the middle of my nail, and then pulled and pressed down to the edges of the nail. When the strips are thinner it is much easier to complete this step. It is important to do only one hand at a time since you need to take the tape off when the polish is still wet, and the tape can get in the way of the other hand. 

I then took the opposite color to the base color and painted the tips of my nails, slowly removing the tape. After letting this cure for a couple of minutes I then finished the other hand. Next applied a top coat and the drying drops. This is what it looked like in the end!

This was my first attempt at a colorful French Mani, and really like the way it turned out. I did also pick up a gold polish at Ulta, (which is what I painted on my toes) and would love to pair it with the navy next time.

This was quick and easy, and will try again!


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